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  After years of working as a Professional Meeting Attender at such agencies as W.B. Doner & Company in Detroit, Campbell-Mithun-Esty in Chicago, Chiat/Day in Washington, and The Integer Group here in Denver, I decided to do something different.

When my male escort business went bust after a few weeks, however, my wife suggested
I play to my strengths and start my own business writing advertising, brochures, Web sites, columns, and anything else businesspeople might need to communicate.

So, armed with an office in my basement, a very loyal staff consisting entirely of my dog Max, and a mastery of all 19 letters in the English language, I quickly attracted business. Before I knew it I was editing television spots for one client, writing brochures for another, and presenting Web copy to another. I got so much business, in fact, that I was working well into the night.

Hence my business’s name: After Hours Advertising.

As the name suggests, I’m always available to lend my expertise and 20 years of experience to your communications challenge. Look over my stuff and, if you like what you see, call my office (303-955-0750) or shoot me an e-mail at

I’m looking forward to talking to you about your project.
I’m even willing to do so After Hours.