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What do we know about Belgium? Not much, really. The Belgian government has secured a seat at the U.N. and their chefs have scored a spot on the I.H.O.P. menu. Other than that Belgium is a country that’s made no real contribution to the world. But thanks to Blue Moon Belgian White, that’s changing and I’m glad to let the world know about it.

Jingles. At some point in every beer’s marketing life there’s a jingle that goes with it, a jingle that some brand manager thought up in the men’s room and insisted that his agency use it. Fortunately, Original Coors had a brand manager who hated jingles, but loved Rock & Roll. “So what if,” I said to this brand manager, “We use Original Coors’s minute of airtime to play some music that people really wanted to listen to?” The result was a project that would see me team up with Bob Dylan’s former keyboard player and turn out to be the favorite of my career.

We’ve all heard professional athletes talk about winning or signing a new contract and saying, “It’s not about the money.” Yeah, right! It’s always about the money and that’s exactly what this spot highlights about the Coors Light Players Playoff Bonus promotion. The thick irony provided by the voice of ESPN’s Dan Patrick brings the spot to life.

“Step right up! Step right up!” Lend an ear and celebrate a bygone era when people’s gross deformities could only land them a job as a carnival act. Fortunately, those days are gone and now a deformity can be an asset in a much more lucrative profession. Turn up the volume and find out what that profession is.

I once described the first and only NASCAR race I attended as “a cultural collision of a Grateful Dead show with the annual Auburn-Alabama football game” So passionate were the fans that anything less doesn’t describe the lengths that they would go to attend a race, and that’s what’s illustrated in these 60 seconds.